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Protecting Your Family, Employees, and Students From What Could Happen Next?

  • 46% of all active shooter incidents occurred in a business.
  • 38% of people surveyed never thought to prepare for incidents.
  • 30-50% of children suffer from PTSD following a traumatic event.
  • 27% of people that were prepared indicated the need to care for “family”.
  • Of every $10 in federal grants, less than $.01 is spent keeping kids safe.
  • 60% of adults have never practiced what to do in a disaster or emergency were it to occur. (FEMA 2015)
  • Only 39% of respondents have developed an emergency plan and discussed it with their household.

Owner, Doug Leard

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Management Consulting

“Emergencies aren’t going to happen to me. They happen to others.” This statement is often repeated by many when asked if they have written Emergency Action Plans for their business.


My Real Estate Clients

“If your heart stops beating, the only person that can save you is the person next to you.”“If an emergency happens, then is not the time to start asking question.”These two quotes reflect the importance of being prepared. There is no such thing as 1 plan for all emergencies.


Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Management Consultants will create detailed, customized Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s) for both large and small business establishments, schools, gated communities, families, and more.


Children, Schools and Teachers

Establishing Emergency Action Plans for schools will not only offer the much needed protection they require, but in doing so you are educating and reminding your staff of their need to be prepared at home as well.



My mission is to conduct seminars and private corporate training in emergency preparedness and mass casualty readiness. This education strives to create a healthy work environment, stimulate creativity, and build pride and empowerment amongst family members, employees, students, and teachers. Business owners and administrators will witness increased confidence in staff, improve business operations, and long term cost savings. By training your employees, students, staff and family members you are now providing your own group of “First Responders” with the training, education and tools to take immediate action. You will offer your families, customers and the communities you serve, the comfort and confidence they seek in times of need. Most importantly this is an opportunity to help SAVE lives.


Do you have the plans to protect your work force?

If an incident occurred in your facility at this moment, would you and your employees know what to do? What if a jealous spouse of one of your employees walked into the building with a gun…what would you and your employees do? Would their actions put more lives at risk? Are you required to protect your employees?


Will your plans hold up in a crisis?

“You respond the way you have been trained.” No Emergency Action Plan can be considered a plan until it is properly implemented, all participants are informed and educated, the plan is tested, revised, reviewed and practiced periodically. Approximately 40% of business that experience a disaster NEVER open their doors again!